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Implementing Sensible Network Segmentation

Packet Pushers Tech Bytes about Network Segmentation with Tufin A new week, a new Tech Bytes Packet Pushers podcast. This time Tufin markets their policy management, which was a interesting show, but i have some comments. i think it’s a valid point to say that automated firewall policy management can make a business more agile, especially considering how long the change process normally takes and how we do it today the whole point about understanding the topology sounds like this is really very slow to implement it’s hard to get any visibility from what i hear and how i understand the Tufin platform Zoning or very wide segmentation is nice, but what you really want is to be able to do finer grained segmentation without modifying or rearchitecting the network relying on hardware firewalls will never be able to free you from the constraints of those devices, especially throughput limits, the hardware cycle that will just happen every three or five years and the inability of a firewall to really be point to point and not zone to zone i would assume that the integration of this is very hard, thanks god it is usually owned by just one team, but what about outsourcers and system integrators?

Sage Data Security on why network segmentation is important

Nice article from Sage Data Security on why network segmentation is important.

Deploying Cisco ACI and VMware NSX

A podcast by packetpushers

One of my favourite networking podcasts, PacketPushers has a great episode on integrating Cisco ACI and VMware NSX at the same time. I really enjoyed listening to this episode, one reason for sure was that Derek Wilson seems to be a really nice and knowledgeable person, but the other is that he shared some valuable insights into deploying ACI and its uses for big companies. My key takeaways from the episode are:

Demystifying the Windows Firewall

A talk by Jessica Payne

What a great talk by Jessica Payne that talks about why network segmentation is so important and how to apply these principles to your host-based Windows Firewall (that you probably never use). It is from 2016 and still true.

Visualization of an attack in a Zero Trust Network

Video by Forrester Research