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NIST publishes a zerotrust architecture recommendation

The US NIST published a great guide on a zero trust architecture that definitely is worth reading and details the elements, deployment and deployment scenarios and reference to other material to help people get started with zero trust. Download paper Also added this to my list of zero trust resources.

ACT IAC on Zero Trust trends

The American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC), a non commercial organisation for creating a more innovative government published a paper on Zero Trust I would recommend this paper for anybody remotely thinking about Zero Trust, be it because you start thinking about introducing it or because it is just one of those trends that you want to catch up on. There is a huge amount of truth and knowledge in this document and it is not having any marketing in it.

A collection of zero trust resources

Work in progress This list is work in progress, if you have suggestions on what to add, please add a comment below or drop me a mail or note. The origins Zero Trust is not exactly a new idea, but a name for a architecture that takes least privilege as the first design principle and assumes nothing can be trusted. I am not sure who established the category at this moment, but it seems Google and Forrester Research have both been working on this.

Visualization of an attack in a Zero Trust Network

Video by Forrester Research